Our network

Together we are really strong.

We can do a lot, but certainly not everything. And certainly not alone. That's why we are happy to draw on our strong network of partners from the service and research sectors for projects with special requirements. Each and every one of them is a true expert in their respective field. This is the only way we can develop and create something new outside the box.

Here is a small selection of our partners with whom we enjoy working on a regular basis:

What our partners say

When it comes to waste heat recovery projects in the steel and recycling industry, we are extremely happy to work with KSK, whose expertise and pragmatism we can rely on 100%. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Lukas Schuffelen, Partner für Transaktionen und Industrie, BET GmbH
KSK is excellently positioned in the field of safety engineering - also thanks to our support - in every project! Andreas Otto, Competence Center Services, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH