Hidden potentials.

In order to optimize, improve, expand or redesign a cooling system or component, a careful analysis of the status quo is first required, taking into account all other external factors and implementation requirements. Our responsible project engineers will be happy to work with you directly on site to get an idea of the situation. We then analyze process parameters, drawings, documentation, worn materials and all other relevant information with a trained eye, and the results of such an analysis can be, for example, a heat balance, furnace stoichiometry, process engineering instructions with piping and instrument flow diagrams, layout drawings or a material analysis report.

Use the outside view.

This basis enables us to show you what hidden potential may still be in your system or where we see a concrete need for action. Benefit from the (external) perspective of our experts and from stimulating discussions on an interdisciplinary basis. Gain planning security for all further project steps and valuable time through precise budget planning.

Your contact person

Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Michael Rosenthal

Project engineer

+49 (0) 2364 10539-24