Sustainability stands out.

Exhaust gas cooling and the associated exhaust gas purification system in energy-intensive industrial processes are increasingly coming to the fore in times of energy transition and increased ecological awareness among the population and in industry. The metal industry in particular has always struggled with a "dirty" image. This makes it all the more important for plants to be proactive in shaping these issues so as not to be overrun by regulatory constraints.

Water-cooled know-how.

Our engineers develop ideas and concepts for exhaust gas cooling and exhaust gas cleaning systems in hot gas lines, afterburner chambers, converter hoods and chimneys and all other water-cooled exhaust gas ducts for a wide variety of melting units such as lead furnaces, copper furnaces or slag treatment furnaces.

Would you like to expand the production capacity of your electric arc furnace and need a custom-fit exhaust gas cooling system for this concept?

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Would you like to integrate a dust chamber into your hot gas line as an exhaust gas cleaning system and at the same time extract heat and use it for other purposes?

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Or are you simply looking for a manufacturer for your exhaust gas cooling or exhaust gas treatment system?

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The six KSK quality criteria in exhaust gas cooling.

Clearly arranged

During operation, it is easy to lose track of where the cooling water is flowing through the hot gas duct. Perhaps this is also the reason for the rapid wear of your exhaust gas cooling system? These and similar questions often arise. That's why we always design our hot gas ducts, converter hoods and other water-cooled exhaust gas cleaning systems in such a way that the water flow is as simple and clear as possible. See for yourself and visit various reference systems with us.

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Are you looking for a solution to adjust the amount of false air at the inlet to the hot gas duct behind your electric arc furnace so that you burn off excess CO gas completely? Or do you need to swivel the entire hinged section to make room for the scrap basket? We will be happy to work with you to develop functional solutions that ensure greater work safety and make your waste gas cooling system easier to use on a day-to-day basis.

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Special challenges call for special solutions! Is warm water cooling not enough for your hot gas duct? Do you want to utilize waste heat on a large scale and operate your hot gas duct like a converter stack under high pressure and hot water? Or are you more concerned about the details of your converter hood? Our engineers will be happy to think through your questions about waste gas cooling together with you and support you with new ideas and technical innovations.

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Perfect fit

No classic hot gas duct in pipe construction is suitable for the exhaust gas section of your melting furnace? No problem. We always develop our concepts and designs for acceleration sections, exhaust gas flaps or breeches (pieces) and other exhaust gas cleaning systems on a customized basis so that they fit smoothly into an (existing) exhaust gas cooling system.

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We know what is important in everyday operations. The maintenance of exhaust gas cleaning systems, such as hot gas ducts, exhaust gas stacks and afterburner chambers, is labor-intensive and time-consuming. The wrong temperature level in your exhaust gas cooling system or an unfavorable choice of material for the exhaust gas stack of your recycling furnace will result in your colleagues' welding rods glowing more often than you would like. And at some point, the only solution is to completely replace the exhaust gas treatment system. We will be happy to help you work in a more carefree and relaxed manner. And if something really is not working, you can be sure that we will always send a technician to solve the problem - not a lawyer.

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We develop our exhaust gas cooling and treatment systems as economically as technically possible. When designing them, we rely on our engineering expertise and do not carelessly add inappropriate safety factors and buffers. This saves investment and operating costs and makes the new exhaust gas cooling system a complete success for maintenance, operation and purchasing!

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KSK's exhaust gas treatment systems generally comprise the primary or direct dedusting of a system. For an electric arc furnace, the exhaust gas treatment system usually consists of a furnace cover elbow, an afterburner chamber with dust discharge and a hot gas duct. As our exhaust gas treatment systems are designed as water-cooled pipe constructions, the exhaust gas is cooled by the cooling water flowing through the pipes. In the converter area, steam is generated on the pipe side as part of the exhaust gas cooling process.

We design our primary dedusting systems so that they can be integrated into your existing off gas treatment system with secondary dedusting and filter system on request. If you are planning a completely new flue gas cleaning system, we will be happy to assist you or potential project partners as experts in primary gas dedusting. On request, we can develop an exhaust gas cleaning system and exhaust gas cooling systems in general as a cold or warm water component or as a hot water component or steam generator. There are few geometric limits to a KSK off gas treatment system - it is always a custom-made product anyway.